Our Story


Through the Years


JAN 6, 2006

Rex asked Carmen to be his gf at CTC while watching Fun w/ Dick & Jane. Carmen didn’t know it was a date. As they were paying, Rex said he “forgot” his wallet. Carmen paid for the date.

carmex-prom copy

2007 - ???

Rex went through many hair phases. His most infamous was the mullet. Carmen loved him through it all, but definitely glad that phase is over…or is it?


AUG 10, 2012

CARMEX traveled together for the first time. They flew to Hawaii and it became the first of many excursions they had together.


JUL 3, 2013

Everyone thinks Carmen got Rex into cats, but it was actually Rex who converted Carmen. They babysat his roommate’s cat, Houdini, in college and they immediately fell in love.


JUN 13, 2017

They did long distance for 11 years, but on June 13, 2017, they finally moved in together with their kitty Simba. Their first “furniture” was a box as a dining table.


AUG 14, 2017

Rex proposed to Carmen on a gondola in Venice, Italy. He made it really obvious, so she wasn’t really that surprised. Rex was bawling.


DEC 25, 2017

CARMEX celebrated their first Christmas together as a newly engaged couple. Here was their 1st Christmas greeting photo with their kitty, Simba.

JUN 14, 2019

The day they’ll say “I do” in front of their most loved family & friends. The beginning of their new adventure awaits!

Our Story

Rex & Carmen are high school sweethearts. Rex saw Carmen for the first time at a mutual friend’s party running around and knew right there and then that she was crazy. It was NOT  love at first sight. 

Yet they met and talked on AIM nonstop. They went to one high school dance and she wasn’t too impressed. They continued to slide into each other’s AIMs and she agreed to go to another high school dance with Rex a year later.

This time, Carmen was impressed by Rex’s dancing and really got to know his personality after being friends for a year.

That night, Rex decided to make his move by calling Carmen after the dance. He asked how her feet were doing after all that dancing.

After a few months of dating, Rex asked her to be his girlfriend, but less than a year into their relationship, Carmen had to move to Vegas with her family. Rex told Carmen that breaking up would not be an option for him. Their relationship was always built on strong and open communication and that has never changed. After 11 years of long distance, they moved in together with their kitty Simba. The rest is history.

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